(relaxation in the green)


“If free choice, and not forced condition, the silence becomes a form of luxury that can be represented through all five senses.”

“New privileges”

(Nicoletta Polla Mattiot)

The negative effects of noise on human health and on life quality are well known.
Noise pollution is one of the most serious (and underestimated) environmental problems.

Far from crowded streets and immersed in luxuriant vegetation, the iGEA garden provides silence and tranquillity, expression of luxury for greater comfort.


Architects and city planners are more and more “thinking green” to improve the quality of life in urban centers.

Oreno is considered in all respects a “Village in the garden”, with unusually high ratio trees/inhabitants.

Releasing oxygen against absorbtion of carbon dioxide (CO2), the abundant vegetation leads to an excellent air quality.

In the 500 mts of iGEA out-door space the many tree species thrive.
The microclimate generated in the garden significantly improves the comfort