Dining demand is changing; the growth in demand for quality food products is evident.

With our food and wine proposal we intend to ensure high quality through the use of products from controlled supply chains where cultivations and livestock follow rigorous requirements and, when possible,  we follow the dictates of the Gift diet.

We called our restaurant iGEA, which stands for:


Food and wine together with Furniture, Design and Territory have long been the business card of Made in Italy in the world.


Our offering is made of quality-certified ingredients and seasonal menus, excluding all industrially refined raw materials.

Ethics and Sustainability

We protect workers and the environment, and for the location we use recyclable materials and solutions with reduced energy impact, we reduce the packaging which is however compostable.


In the iGEA concept food is not just one of the pleasures; other aspects include: music, cultural events, relaxation, etc.